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Year 12 Induction

C_67_article_2053747_body_articleblock_0_bodyimageYear 12 had their Induction Programme today. As we started the year we reflected together on the following words from our Headmaster, Mr David Boddy:

“For a boy to become a man he will need the opportunity to meet the finest ideas, use his reason to determine their merit, open his heart to serve the needs of those around him and grow in strength and confidence to do what is right and useful. For this, he will have to be at peace in himself and with all others. He will have to know in experience that every human being is of enormous value and that, in essence, despite our many differences, we share the same divine nature which is full of happiness, vitality and knowledge.”

It was a very full day for the boys however peace and tranquility was found in the two periods of Quiet Time at the beginning and end of the day. Our Headmaster spoke to the boys about the “finest ideas” and what it means to be a man. Sixth Form continued to develop their study skills with Oliver Saunders, our Head of History. Colonel Kenneth Peacock spoke to them about careers in the army. The Admissions Tutor of the University of Bedfordshire introduced them to the world of UCAS (never too soon to learn about it!). The day concluded with a talk from Dr Michael Lacewing on the role of philosophy.

One member of the sixth form commented that “all the talks were extremely useful and covered a wide range of topics which were successful in broadening perspectives in preparation for life in the sixth form.”



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