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Medical & Dentistry UCAS Entry 2010



Time is running out! Register and book your test today!

We would be grateful if you could inform students wishing to apply to study medicine or Dentistry for entry in 2010 (or deferred entry in 2011) of the requirements to take the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) this summer.

The 26 University Medical and Dental schools that require candidates to take this test as part of the admissions process:

University of Aberdeen, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Cardiff University, University of Dundee, University of Durham, University of East Anglia, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, Hull York Medical School, Keele University, King’s College London, Imperial College London Graduate Entry, University of Leeds, University of Leicester, University of Manchester, University of Newcastle, University of Nottingham, University of Oxford Graduate Entry, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Sheffield, University of Southampton, University of St Andrews, St George’s, University of London, Warwick University Graduate Entry

The test is offered at a choice of 150 UK high street test centres an over 300 testing centres worldwide. The closing date for registering to take this test is 25 September 2009. However, due to high demand, students should register to take this test immediately to ensure they get a test slot at their chosen test centre. 

UKCAT registration opens: 1 May 2009
UKCAT testing begins: 7 July 2009
Bursary and voucher application deadline: 25 September 2009
UKCAT registration deadline: 25 September 2009
UKCAT testing deadliune: 9 October 2009
UCAS application deadline: 15 October 2009

To enable candidates to register and book a test, please direct your students to the UKCAT website at

 For further information please contact the dedicated UKCAT contact centre on: +44 (0)161 855 7409 or email




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