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Gap Year Fair

HamptonSchoolLogoGap Year Fair to be held at Hampton School, 24th September 2009, 5.00-7.00pm. This is a good opportunity for those considering gap years to go speak to companies providing gap year services. The following companies will be exhibiting:


BUNAC Changing Worlds
Cookery at The Grange Don Quijote
Dragoman Endsleigh Insurance
Gap Force Gap Guru
Gap Year South Africa Globetrotter SOS
Interski John Hall Venice Course
Kwa Madwala Lattitude Global Volunteering
Leiths School of Food and Wine Mind the Gap Travel
Mind The Gap Year Objective Travel Safety
On the Mountain Pro Oyster Worldwide
Peak Leaders Pepper
Project Trust Projects Abroad
Quest Overseas Raleigh International
Rough Guides Shumba Experience
Ski le Gap STA Travel
Sunrise International Think Pacific
Ticket to Ride VentureCo Worldwide

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