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Cambridge Admissions Conference



Mrs Yolanda Saunders, Teacher of Classics and Sixth Form Tutor recently attended  the Cambridge Admission Conference, here she reflects on her visit:

What are admissions tutors looking for? What is the application process? Which A levels should I choose? Are four A levels better than three? How should I choose my course? Are some colleges easier than others to get into? What should I include in my personal statement? How can I prepare for interview? Which degree should I pick to be more employable? What does a typical week at College look like? What do the league tables measure? How can I give my application the edge? Director of admissions, Dr Geoff Parks, attempted to reveal the truth behind the headlines and demystify the admission procedures at Cambridge University.

The best part however was the plethora of extension opportunities and resources provided for schools by the University, such as the School Classics Project, Access Cambridge Archaeology, the Cambridge Science Festival and the Maths Millenium Project to name but a few. To check out the many opportunities available, visit and for a free on-line magazine!


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