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Learning to Learn



Sixth Form Study Skills: it was an absolute pleasure to see meet some of our sixth form parents last night. Presentations were given by Mr O Saunders, Mr I Wood and Mr D Lacey. Daivik Gandhi, Year 12, commented that ” the lectures were a great opportunity. They were of use to both parents who are looking to help their son’s studies and for the students who need to learn new techniques.”

If you wish to be a good student the starting place to be is honest with oneself. Mr Saunders, Head of History, helped us to reflect on this and suggested many different ways we can approach our studies.

Mr Wood helped to deepen that understanding of self by showing us ways to meditate. He explained the physiological and academic benefits when we meditate daily.

Mr Lacey, our Director of Studies and Head of Science, reminded us of the importance of celebrating success. As parents and teachers we should ask boys how they are doing and not accept an “OK” but really try and find out how they are doing. He suggested that we give boys the best place in the house to study. Mr Lacey felt that taking a young chap out for dinner once a month is also a good way of supporting them. He showed parents examples of beautiful work that students had submitted. Key words: “best”, “beautiful” and “celebrate.”

If you require any information about their talks please do not hesitate to contact me:

More information about study skills can be found here.


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