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Zen Bones



An important part of our day is spent not talking to each other! Sounds a friendly place eh!? Sixth Form spend 10 minutes in the morning in silence and 10 minutes in the afternoon in silence, we call this period Quiet Time. What a great blessing to be able to take time from our studies and busy lives to stop, pause, and focus. For some it is a time to meditate, for some a time to pray and for others time just to be still and to let go. If a student wishes to meditate we can give considerable guidance. Many of our staff also meditate. Some of us make use of a mantra. The mantra is a small phrase. The phrase can be taken from Holy Scriptures such as the Upanishads or the Gospel of Thomas. It can be a phrase or word given to us by a spiritual teacher. Some people make use of their breathing patterns. If you unsure how to make good use of Quiet Time – in school or at home – here are two great resources: Zen Buddhism and Maranatha.


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