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Mock Trial Week


The Debate Chamber Mock Trial Weekend is a fantastic opportunity for students in years 10-13 to experience the drama of the courtroom and learn about the practice of criminal law. Over two days, participants will learn about the criminal justice system, the legal profession and court procedure, pick up tips from practioners, and take part in a realistic Crown Court trial.

10th/11th Oct (London) (FULL) • 7th/8th Nov (Oxford) (AVAILABLE) • 5th/6th Dec (London) (AVAILABLE)

Teaching will run from 10.30 – 4.30 on each day.

Benches, Temples, Inns and a Bar?

Learn about the structure of the court system, from the Magistrates to the House of Lords

Discover the career paths to become a Barrister or Solicitor

The Criminal Justice System

Trace the workings of the criminal justice process right through from arrest to sentencing.

Get to know the rules of evidence and the elements of offences.

On the Case

Study your briefing papers and work with teammates to prepare your side of the case.

Tricks of the Trade

Practice effective techniques of speaking, questioning and cross-examination in advocacy workshops.

A Taste of the Courtroom

Take on the role of the defence or prosecution barrister.

Argue your case before a judge and jury according to the rules of Crown Court procedure, in full court dress of wig and gown.

Make speeches, question witnesses, and use your new skills to try to win the case.


“It was very interesting as I learnt a great deal of information about law which I did not know. I really enjoyed taking part in the mock trial.”

“I thought the realism of the case was fantastic and was thoroughly interested throughout the two days.”

“Very enjoyable – all aspects covered in the appropriate depth – the fundamentals of the trial were complemented effectively by the techniques used by barristers.”

“Very informative, interesting and, most importantly, fun!”

“I loved it! I really enjoyed both elements of the weekend – the learning of legal terminology and procedure on day one and the experience of the trial process on day two.”


The fee for the Mock Trial Weekend is £135 per student. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Debate Chamber offers a limited number of full and partial bursaries for students who would otherwise have difficulty attending. To book a place please email, call 01865 515030, or use the form below.


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