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Called to be a Hero


Today the Sixth Form attended our Senior School Lecture held at St James Senior School for Girls, Kensington Olympia. The lecture was given by Claire Foster (pictured above on the right). It was an incredible lecture on the theme of “Heroes.” More to follow following the holiday!

Incidentally, the editor of The Good Schools Guide, Mr Ralph Lucas, was asked to write an article for ‘First Eleven’ – a top independent schools magazine. He was asked to write about schools that encouraged ‘Entrepreneurship’. Ralph named St James as one of six schools that he felt was particularly successful, amonst them being, Manchester Grammar School and Eton College. This is what he said about the St James Schools:

“The aim of this school is to teach community-led, socially-inspired leadership. Pupils are to follow, as well as to lead, and serve as well as be served. It’s a school for budding Mandelas rather than multi-millionaires.”


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