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Advent & Ego

As we begin the Advent Season Father Richard Rohr OFM offers some thoughts on St John the Baptist:

‘As a young man, John the Baptist learned to be very empty of himself before he ever built his tower of success.  His ego was out of the way so much so that he could let go of his own ego, his own message, and even his own life. This is surely the real meaning of his head on a platter! 

Some have cleverly said that ego is an acronym for “Edging God Out.”  There has got to be such emptiness, or we cannot point beyond ourselves to Jesus, as John did.  Such emptiness doesn’t just fall into our laps; such humility does not just happen.  It is surely the end product of a thousand lettings-go and a thousand acts of devotion, which for John the Baptist gradually edged God IN.’


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