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Philosophy of Unity

Father Richard Rohr writes, ‘when it comes to the gift of contemplation, every major religion in the world has come to very similar conclusions.  Every religion—Hinduism, Buddhism, the eastern religions—all agree, but each in its own way, that finally we are called to a transformed consciousness, a new mind or being “born again” a second time in some way. Each religion has different words for it, and probably different experiences, but somehow they all point to union with God. 

Religion is about union.  Somehow to live in conscious union with God is what it means to be “saved.”  To live in that union is to experience and enjoy the Great Connection.  When world religions become mature, we will have a new history, no longer based on competition, rivalry, cultures or warfare, but on people who are actually transformed.  These people will change the world, as Mary did, almost precisely because they know it is not they who are doing the changing.  They will know they do not need to change other people, just themselves, God takes it from there.’


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