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Visit of Colonel Peacock

On Friday the 15th of January Colonel Kenneth Peacock MBE, the Army Officer Careers Adviser, spent the day with us. All our boys were given the opportunity to meet him and discuss a career in the armed forces. Well over 70 boys met the Colonel. He remarked on the exceptional response made by our boys. He said that many of them expressed a desire to serve our Nation and uphold the dignity of the human person. I am sure our boys would like to express their thanks to you Colonel Peacock, they all commented on how much they enjoyed meeting you. As a school I think it would fair to say that we feel very lucky to consider you our friend.

From the Army Officer Careers Website: ‘The Army has worked with schools in a variety of capacities for many years.  Army Careers Advisers offer many services to schools beyond ‘careers advice’ and this website has been designed to inform schools and colleges about the Army’s support for schools and the benefits it can have for students and teachers alike.

Army in Education offers free teaching materials for use in the classroom. These have been developed with practising teachers and educationalists to ensure their relevance and appropriateness for the classroom.  The teaching materials are not designed to recruit. They do not contain career information or enticements, but instead explore the Army’s work, the political and geographical situations in which it operates, and the values and skills that are necessary to carry out work in demanding and often dangerous situations.

By developing better understanding of the work of the British Army, it is hoped that young people will respect the work of British Soldiers and their role in our society.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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