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Conversion of Paul

Our Chaplain Father Rob Marshall helped us to reflect this morning on the conversion of St Paul, pictured above.

Father Richard Rohr OFM, writes: ‘Paul’s conversion was a classic and authentic religious conversion.  It was an inner and authoritative experience, not just an idea, not hearsay, nor some secondhand information given to him, not textbook knowledge.  Afterwards, he knew.  God has no grandchildren, only children.

Every person has to come to the God experience on their own.  Conversion is a foundational change in life position, perspective, and finally, one’s very identity.  After the transformation God is not out there any more.  You don’t look at God as a separate identity; you look out from God who lives in you and through you and with you.  That is a major shift, probably the most major shift possible for humans.

Like Paul, a converted person becomes convinced that they are participating in something bigger than themselves.  After conversion you know you are being used, you know you are being led, and above all you realize your life is not all about you!  You are about life!  It is happening inside of you and all God needs is your “yes” and your participation.  It is likely the hardest yes you will ever utter, because your years of habit will all shout “not possible,” “not me,” and “not worthy.”’


One response to “Conversion of Paul

  1. Chris ⋅

    I like the thoughts expressed with the picture of St Paul’s conversion.
    Recently I was supprised when it was pointed out to me that although the popular view of St Paul’s conversion involves him being knocked off his horse, there is actually no mention in scripture of a horse. It just says he was knocked down. A mute point, I know, but it did supprise me. He could have been on a camel or just walking but most people think it says he was knocked off a horse.
    Where do you think that tradition came from?

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