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Work Experience and Futurewise

Those of you who attended the Careers Evening on Thursday 28th January will be aware that we are keen that boys in Years 11 and 12 complete two weeks of work experience during the summer holidays.

Jane Slade has been appointed St James Boys Work Placement Coordinator with the role of assisting parents and boys to this end.

St James will be liaising with two organisations Trident and Richmond Education Business Partnership. The agencies will carry out risk assessments, ensure they comply with Health and Safety Regulations, and make sure they have up to date Employer’s Liability insurance. The minimum charge for this is around £80 per placement.

The work placement scheme is not compulsory but strongly recommended to those boys who wish to apply for university and submit strong personal statements.

During the evening we also listended to a presentation about Futurewise. A number of parents from Year 11 requested that their sons take part in the programme. We would appreciate it if you could now tell us if you wish your son to participate.

If you require further information, would like to have a placement this summer or take part in Futurewise please contact Jane Slade though the St James Careers Department via email:


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