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Canterbury Christ Church University

Today we welcome Admissions Staff from the University of Canterbury Christ Church.

From the University  Website: ‘Canterbury Christ Church was formally granted full university status in July 2005. Over the years, our student population has grown from a few hundred to its present level of over 14,000 – including many mature and part-time students.

Canterbury Christ Church could not have achieved the status of a university if the Quality Assurance Agency did not have confidence in the quality and standards of its provision. This confidence was confirmed again in the Institutional Audit of 2005. Its reputation has been established over a long period of scrutiny by national academic and professional bodies.

Particularly outstanding is the record of Primary Teacher Education, which has achieved the highest grade for all aspects reviewed in five successive inspections, a record unique in the country. Most of our other academic programmes have received very positive reports when reviewed by the appropriate agencies.

Three areas of the University’s research activity have been recognised as reaching national standards of excellence with some areas of international standards: Education, History and Theology. Work of national excellence was also identified in Music, Sport Science, Environmental Science and Professions Allied to Medicine.’


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