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Exam Skills Masterclasses

From the Debate Chamber Team: ‘Debate Chamber is organizing three EXAM SKILLS MASTERCLASSES for students preparing for their AS or A2 exams this summer. These events aim to help able students to achieve their full potential and make the high grades. All courses include interactive workshops on effective essay-writing and subject-specific content on the knowledge and skills needed to meet assessment objectives. 

The events are suitable for students preparing for either AS or A2 exams and expecting a ‘B’ grade or higher. 

POLITICS  & GOVERNMENT A LEVEL – 27th March and repeated on the 24th April

Topics include:

  • Making the link: ideology and political practice
  • Using and examining evidence in Government and Politics
  • Analysing political systems: advanced terminology and explanation
  • Effective comparisons

ENGLISH LITERATURE A LEVEL – 27th March and repeated on the 25th April

Topics include:

  • How to write about verse
  • How to write about prose
  • Getting the most out of quotations
  • Option sessions on historical and cultural context for different periods

HISTORY A LEVEL – 28th March and repeated on the 24th April

Topics include:

  • Historiography
  • Using primary and secondary sources
  • Evaluating and responding to evidence
  • Narrative and analysis

All Exam Skills Masterclasses cover advanced essay-writing technique. 

The price of the Exam Skills Masterclasses is £85 per student for one event, or £155 per student for two events. Places are first come first served. Debate Chamber has a limited number of full or partial bursaries for students who would not otherwise be able to attend. For more information, including a detailed schedule, or to book a place please visit our website, send us an email or call 01865 515030.’


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