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Economics Summer School

• Who is to blame for the credit crunch? 

• What are swaps, derivatives, puts, calls, and all those other things in the Financial times? 

• What can game theory teach us about international trade? 

• Can you have growth without growing inequality? 

• How should we pay for health and education? 

• Can thinkers like Ricardo, smith, and Marx teach us anything about the economy today? 

Debate Chamber Economics Summer School, a five day course led by a team of economics graduates from leading universities, will help you investigate these and many more dilemmas. You will take part in discussions and debates, listen to exciting and informative lectures, and work together with classmates to find the answers for yourselves. The course is ideal if you have an interest in economics or current affairs,  are considering a degree in economics or a career in business or finance. Prior study of economics is not required.


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