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Election fever has hit St James. From now until Polling Day on the 6th of May, a full-scale campaign between five prime ministerial candidates (from Years 11-13) will be running throughout the school. They will each have a chance to outline their parties’ views and policies, and debate against each other, during whole school assemblies. All students will be invited to vote for their preferred candidates after listening to their policies and arguments.

In addition to this, the propaganda machine for each party has whirred into action and posters have appeared all over the school – ranging, much like the real ones, from the amusing to the downright vitriolic. Press coverage from the Richmond & Twickenham Times is anticipated. So, who will take the voting majority on May 6th? Can Peter Bunce rescue the Labour Party’s cause?  Will the Conservatives (represented by Jeremy Purnell) get ahead of him? Or the emergent challengers, Tim Fogarty’s Liberal Democrats? Or will one of either UKIP or the Green Party (championed by Max Ratcliffe and Rustam Majainah) beat all three major players? Only time will tell.


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