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The Gladstone Club

On Monday 26th June, Leo Johnson and Jamie Parker travelled to the National Liberal Club in Whitehall to attend a talk on the upcoming election. The talk was given by Mr. Geoffrey Smith, a former Times political correspondent and a man still very much intrigued by the world of politics.

Geoffrey spoke of how the televised debates had opened the election up, and how he felt that it had offered Mr. Clegg ant the Liberal Democrats at large a real chance to shine. He also went on to talk of how he could see clear comparisons with previous elections and political affairs such as those that took place from 1974 -1978.

Mr Smith spoke of what he felt the traditional values of the political parties were, with particular reference to those of the David Lloyd-George government, of particular relevance as the talk took place in the Lloyd-George room. Finally, Mr Smith commented on what he felt the possible outcomes of the election where, stating that he felt that we would end up with either a very slim majority or a hung parliament but that whatever the outcome, he felt it likely that we would have another election in 18 months to 2 years.

In order to conclude the talk, the debate was opened to the floor, where such things as electoral reform and the Margaret Thatcher government were discussed. This provided for some heated debate as well as a great conclusion to a wonderful evening.


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