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Maths Summer School

To devotees mathematics is the “queen of the sciences” – pure and beautiful in its own right, powerful and practical in its application. During the Maths Summer School students will explore a selection of exciting topics in pure and applied mathematics. Participating students will be introduced to a wide range of theorems and methods, solve problems with the guidance of expert tutors, and learn about the ways in which these tools are put to use in the real world – from designing jet planes to plotting gambling strategies.  Learning is through seminars, lectures and problem-solving activities.
The Summer School is ideal for students considering studying mathematics or related disciplines at university. Course Leaders are graduates and tutors in mathematics at leading universities and have a range of specialisms across pure and applied mathematics.
·         Induction
·         Graph theory
·         Differential equations
·         Moments of inertia
·         Chaos theory
·         Probability and game theory
The Maths Summer School takes place at the University of London Union from 25th-27th July 2010.
The price inclusive of all tuition, extensive learning materials and certificates is £195 per student. Debate Chamber offers a limited number of full and partial bursaries for those who would have financial difficulty in attending otherwise. Participating students should have completed AS Level Mathematics or reached a similar standard.
To book a place or places at the Maths Summer School, or if you have any further questions, simply call on 0845 5194 827 or email Places can be booked by individual students, parents, or through the school.

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