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UCAS & Centigrade


I believe strongly that the sooner we can made your son aware of UCAS the greater chance he will have of making a successful application to attend university in 2011.

Year 12 have already met with admissions staff from a variety of universities both within and outside the United Kingdom. During January to March they will receive extensive UCAS preparation. In June 2011, following the AS examinations, they will be asked to formally begin their application and by the end of the term to submit their Personal Statement to me.

This process means that Year 12 need to be thinking very seriously about their vocation, the profession they may wish to follow in the future and which subjects they love. UCAS strongly recommends Centigrade as a test for helping students to make decisions about their future. I have not in past supported this recommendation as I do not like such mechanistic tests. It must be said however than Centigrade have developed their test significantly and I believe it would be in the interests of your son to do this.

I shall be writing to you shortly with further information about this. For details about Centigrade please click here.

Picture above is the Library of SOAS, London.


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