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DOs and DON’Ts of Oxbridge Applications


Mrs Yolanda Saunders continues to share her reflections concerning Oxbridge Applications …


  • Choose your course first, your college second
  • Include an insurance option in your application
  • Focus on academic matters in your personal statement
  • Choose your A Level subjects referring to
  • Research your course thoroughly
  • Read widely outside the syllabus to prepare for interview
  • Keep a copy of your personal statement and submitted work
  • Follow up on your teacher’s comments on your submitted work
  • Aim for an A* at A Level in at least one subject for Cambridge
  • Look out for and attend open days


  • Put all your eggs in one basket: even if you don’t get into Oxbridge, you will go on to study at a very good university
  • Apply to a course or college because you think it is statistically easier to get into
  • Apply to a college that does not offer your course!
  • Fret about college choice: if you are statistically strong, you will be pooled
  • Take 4 A levels if this spreads you too thinly and prevents you from studying in depth
  • Base your degree choice on the employability statistics

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