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Fitzwilliam College Classics Essay Competition 2010-11

This essay competition is for Lower Sixth Formers.  It is aimed at (but not restricted to) all those in the Lower Sixth form taking Classics and/or Classical Civilization A-levels/Highers/IB.  The word limit is 2500 words.

Entries should be sent to the Admissions Office, Fitzwilliam College, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DG, to arrive no later than 4th March 2011.  Teachers will be asked to certify on a covering form that the essay is the student’s own work and not part of any coursework submitted as part of an examination.

Applicants will be required to enter their details on line.  Full details of how to enter and how to submit essays will be available on our website soon

The prize fund is £300 with a first prize of £200. Certificates of merit may be awarded to runners up who have sufficiently impressed the judges.  The College reserves the right not to award prizes if there is no entry of sufficient merit.  Prizes and certificates will be awarded at the Fitzwilliam College Open Day on Saturday 7 May 2011.

The essay titles are:

1. Is Classical literature timeless?

2. ‘Latin literature cannot be understood without knowledge of Greek literature.’ Discuss

3. How are different stages of life presented in texts and /or images in the Ancient World? You may, if you wish, focus on one particular stage of life (e.g childhood, motherhood, old age).

4. How important was trade in the ancient world?  Discuss with reference to any period of your choice.

5. To what extent was Greece influenced by Egypt and /or the Near East?  Discuss with reference to any period of your choice.

6. Why should modern philosophers read ancient philosophers?

At Fitzwilliam we are keen to promote the study of Classics in all its forms – linguistic, literary, historical, philosophical and archaeological.  Alongside the three and four year Classics course, we also welcome students who wish to make use of the flexibility of the tripos system to study subjects that reflect their particular interests in the Ancient World. Students may, for example, apply to do Part I Archaeology and Anthropology (in one year) and Part II Classics (in two years), if their interests in the Ancient (Greek and Roman) World are more specifically historical and archaeological.

For further information, please contact:

Sara Owen, Director of Studies in Classics                                    E-mail:


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