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Dentistry Applications

Typical entry requirements:

  • 6+ GCSEs (including Maths, English, Chemistry)
  • 3 A2 Levels: Grades AAB (must include A in Biology and Chemistry)
  • Graduate qualifications also considered

Helpful information:

  • Nationally 2.5 applicants per place
  • Sheffield: 1000 applicants for 75 places
  • Leeds: 1400 applicants for 85 places (81 EU, 4 International)
  • Selection process (in order of priority!): GCSE results, predicted A2 grades, reference, personal statement (non-academic achievements), academic potential, UKCAT (not required at Leeds)
  • Personal statement: most demonstrate work experience, knowledge of the profession, leadership skills, team working, voluntary work
  • If called to interview: be ready to ask questions, generally the interview will be 15 minutes, 3 panel members, questions focussing on motivation, social awareness, responsibility, interests (other tips include: don’t gabble, answer questions, be articulate and engaging, you can argue when appropriate)
  • Those interviewing will be looking to see if a candidate understands the demands of HE, can demonstrate self motivation, is knowledgeable about the course, school, university and city

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