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Fitzwilliam College Music Essay Competition 2011

This essay competition is intended for Lower Sixth Formers, and is aimed at those taking Music A-level/Highers/IB. The maximum essay length is 2500 words.  Applicants will be required to enter their details on line.  Full details of how to enter and how to submit essays will be available on this website soon

Entries should be submitted no later than 4th March 2011. Teachers are asked to certify on the cover sheet that the essay is the student’s own work and not part of any coursework submitted as part of an examination.  The prize fund is £300 with a first prize of £200.  Certificates of merit may be awarded to runners-up who have sufficiently impressed the judges. Prizes and certificates will be awarded at the Fitzwilliam College Open Day on Saturday 30th April 2011.

The essay title is to be chosen from this list:

1. How culture-specific is music in the modern age?

2. How have changing patterns of education affected the study of music?

3. What is musical genius?

4. Should our knowledge of the personality of a composer affect our response to their works?

5. Analyze, contextualize and describe your own musical tastes.

Entrants are reminded of the need for full citation and footnoting of sources and secondary literature used, and for the provision of a bibliography (where appropriate) at the end of the essay.  Music examples and illustrations are welcomed.

Details can also be found at



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