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Are you considering the popular and competitive PPE degree course? If so, then we have the perfect way to get you started.

On the PPE Weekend students will take a look at a key area of each discipline, as well as exploring the close links and relationships between all three subjects. Debate Chamber courses are taught by graduates and tutors from top universities, and provide a friendly and supportive environment for you to gain an insight into university style teaching and learning.

Through a combination of mini-lectures, seminars, practical exercises and group discussions, you will have the opportunity to discuss academic articles, debate current controversies and examine your own theories and intuitions in a critical but constructive manner. Students attending will learn how to express their ideas clearly and precisely. Becoming comfortable with discussing abstract and challenging topics at a sophisticated level will help to give you the confidence you need to really stand out.

The topics covered are carefully chosen to give a realistic look at the PPE course, and to illustrate how the disciplines contribute to and enrich one another, as well as being fascinating areas of study in their own right.

Topics for 2010 will include game theory and its relationship to financial markets, the causes and consequences of the credit crunch, the philosophy underlying ideas of human rights, meta-ethical questions, political philosophy,an examination of how to shape institutions to effectively rebuild troubled societies and a discussion of how to understand the apparent continuity of human personal identity.

Autumn 2010:

PPE Weekend : 13th/14th November Рages 15-18 РUniversity of London Union Р£175 per student

You can see some more information on the schedule and tutors for this course here

Debate Chamber offers a limited number of full and partial fees bursaries for students who would not otherwise be able to attend – see here for details. If you would like to book a place on this course you can use the form on the website, email us at or call on 0845 519 4827.’



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