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Year 12 visit Parliament


Year 12 visited the House of Commons and Lords yesterday. They also attended a seminar on British Law in Portcullis House. Following the visit they had an appointment with Kwasi Kwarteng, the local Conservative MP for Spelthorne. Year 12 then attended a meeting in the House of Lords with Professor the Lord David Alton of Liverpool.

Mr Kwarteng (pictured to the right) studied at Cambridge University, subsequently completing a PhD in British History and was also on the series-winning team on University Challenge in Jeremy Paxman’s first year as the host.

Following studies he worked as a company analyst in the City for seven years, and as a journalist. He was Conservative Candidate for Brent East at the General Election of 2005, Chairman of the Bow Group in 2006 and a candidate for the London Assembly in 2008. As well as being our MP Mr Kwarteng is currently writing a book, Ghosts of Empire, about the global legacy of the British Empire. This will be published by Harry Potter publishers, Bloomsbury, next year.

For 18 years Lord Alton (pictured below) was a Member of the House of Commons (starting off as the ‘Baby of the House’) and today is an Independent crossbench life Peer. He began his career as a teacher but, in 1972, he was elected to Liverpool City Council as Britain’s youngest City Councillor. Twenty five years later, in 1997, David was made a Life Peer of the House of Lords.


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