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Model UN


Henry Ching, Y12, and Charlie Protheroe, Y11, give their thoughts on SJMUN ’10:

This year we conducted a Model United Nations after the success of last year’s tournament, thanks to the work done by Mr. Neave and Justin Murray in particular. The event was a great success with the addition of several Year 11s who filled in any extra places. I found this experience to be very interesting and also educational as the event itself and the preparation work teaches you many things that you may not have known about before. It also brings you up to date with various issues in modern day society, some of which are not so obvious to the average person. Most countries that were represented in our Model United Nations had four delegates each. Each delegate would represent their country in the four councils: Economic & Social, Political, Security and Human Rights.

Joining the Model UN as a substitute, as well as being one year younger than all the other delegates; I was initially stunned by the quantity and quality of preparation done by all. I was instantly thrown into the firing line as I struggled to get the required signatures to put my hurriedly written proposal forward at the Economic and Social Committee, which I would attend as a delegate of China. In this committee there were speeches on a variety of topics, with many intelligent questions and points of rebuttal, which were very hard to deal with while speaking.

After having heated debates in our committees we reconvened as the General Assembly and were presented with the spectacularly mocked-up emergency scenario of the USA being victim of a cyber attack by China – a situation to which delegates were urged to find a diplomatic resolution. All of this was wrapped up with a lovely dinner at the end of the night along with Christian Kozlowski giving all the delegates and helpers some musical entertainment.


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  1. Ryan

    Congratulations on a successful Model UN conference!

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