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The Big Shhh …


5 members of Year 13 attend the Just This Day event at St Martin in the Fields this morning. Justin Murray, Deputy Head Boy comments: ‘It’s not often that Trafalgar Square plays host to both a moment of silence and reflection and a period of great activity and conflict on the same day. But the 24th November was one of those days. Several hours before the crowds of protesters armed with placards and baseball bats packed the streets in a demonstration that turned all too quickly to chaos and anarchy, a group of people armed only with umbrellas came together on the steps in front of the National Gallery for a few minutes of doing nothing at all. To raise awareness of the need for silence and quiet, we raised umbrellas in the shape of the words “Shh”. Five of the St James sixth-formers, who have this year taken the innovative step of mentoring the lower school pupils in the arts of meditation and reflection, took part in this event. The gesture, along with the Just This Day movement itself, represented a symbol: a recognition of the value of stillness and spirituality.’

Silence and Stillness are much in the news at the moment. Visit the BBC’s Silence Programmes webpage.



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