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Medical Candidates

This year we have three members of our Sixth Form applying to do medicine. They are currently waiting to attend their interviews, as you can imagine it is a time of anxiety and also excitement.

Medical applications have to be taken very seriously indeed from Year 10 onwards. GCSE results become ever more critical in the selection process. Only 4% of candidates applying to a university to study medicine get one offer. The success rate of such an application is very small. We have worked very hard at St James in recent years to ensure that those wishing to pursue such an application are successful. If you require further information about this please do not hesitate to ask me. Those interestined in pursuing a medical career – from Year 10 upwards – meet on a weekly basis, more details can be found here: The St James Medical Society.

After completing many assessments and study trips the Medical Candidates will shortly start their interview preparation. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr Gayathri Perera for her assistance with this. Dr Perera graduated from Oxford University and is now works at King’s College London. She will visit St James on Friday and interview our three students. This is an incredible opportunity for them, we wish them every success.


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