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Land and Liberty

Mr David Triggs from Land & Liberty came to St James to give a talk on a topic that was extremely close to his heart; the politics and economic beliefs of Henry George (Sept 2nd 1839 – Oct 29th 1897). It was a brilliant talk and it was clear that Mr Triggs knew a great deal about, and believed strongly in, the ideas presented by George during his time are a political economist. George wrote several works relating to his views on economics and politics with his most famous work, ‘Progress and Poverty’ setting out his essential views on poverty and why it exists as well as setting out his idea of a ‘land value tax’ for which he is most famous for.

In the modern world such a tax, along with the general ideas of George, are extremely relevant, Vince Cable has discussed the idea in depth with his party, and could transform the tax system in the UK and indeed around the world. George was an inspirational politician and an original thinker who has transformed many people’s views on economics, taxation and poverty. I think it would be hugely beneficial for the whole world if more people could endeavour to understand the true beliefs that George held and continue his legacy which has unfortunately been somewhat neglected over the last hundred years.


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