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Benedict Brogan visits the Sixth Form

The Deputy Editor of the Daily Telegraph, Benedict Brogan, has visited the Sixth Form today.

Jonathan Isabey describes Mr Brogan as, ‘astute, well-connected and respected in equal measures, the Telegraph has done well to persuade him to return.’

‘The Daily Telegraph is a daily morning broad sheet newspaper distributed throughout the UK  and internationally. The newspaper was founded by Colonel Arthur B. Sleigh in June 1855 as the Daily Telegraph and Courier, and is currently owned by David and Frederick Barclay.

In January 2009, the Telegraph was the highest selling newspaper among British broadsheets and former broadsheets, with a certified average daily circulation of 842,912. This compared with a circulation of 617,483 for The Times, 358,844 for The Guardian, and 215,504 for The Independent. According to a MORI survey conducted in 2005, 64% of Telegraph readers intended to support the Conservative Party in the coming elections. The circulation for August 2010 was 673,010, against 494,205 for The Times in August 2010.’ (Wikipedia)


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