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Visit from Chairman of M & C Saatchi

We were delighted to welcome to our Sixth Form the Chairman of M & C Saatchi, Mr Jeremy Sinclair. Jeremy Sinclair is a founding director of M&C Saatchi. He was one of the founders of Saatchi & Saatchi in 1970, became chairman of the UK agency in 1982 and was appointed chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi International in 1986. He later became executive creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Worldwide and Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi plc. The talk was chaired by Mr Peter Bunce, our Head of Boarding.

Peter comments: on Monday the Sixth Form welcomed Mr Jeremy Sinclair to give a talk on his life in advertising, the implications of his work and the experiences he has had. He is inspirational in many ways, but remained humble and engaging throughout, connecting with the whole Sixth Form on both a practical and spiritual level; incorporating his unwavering belief in spiritual values into the practical lessons he gave us.

I can say with confidence that the entirety of the Sixth Form left his talk understanding a great deal more about the details of advertising but also having gained a deep insight in to the workings of a brilliant mind. Mr Sinclair encouraged in us a sense of endeavour and daring but spoke of humour as a fundamental principle of both advertising and life.

His life is one littered with great achievements, from the ‘Pregnant Man’ poster which launched Saatchi & Saatchi to the iconic ‘Labour isn’t working’ poster of the 1970s. He was the creative brain behind both highly influential posters, and has been employed by the Conservative Party on many an election campaign since; called in at the last minute in the 2010 election to deliver the final knockout blow to a faltering Gordon Brown. Mr Sinclair was modest and down to earth but his creative brilliance was clear in the work he showed us; leaving many of the sixth form in either fits of laughter or in awe of advertising excellence. Mr Sinclair spoke of language as the greatest tool we have but also as a tool so wasted by modern society. His role is one where he must focus on language and he recommended that we truly pay attention to the language we see and use, for from it great things can be learnt and with it, great things done. This attention is so lacking but is so fundamental to not only advertising but to success, for without true attention, success, on whatever level, can never be realised.

The talk engaged each and every Sixth Former and was one which left us with real practical lessons of life whilst highlighting the benefits of true stillness and attention. Mr Sinclair is a highly successful man, with a creative mind rivalled by few, and I feel that the analogy of ‘walking with kings but not losing the common touch’ would be perfectly apparent for Mr Sinclair. He deals with Prime Ministers and the like, but has not lost his connection with his inner stillness or his fundamental principles and spoke excellently and with humour about both spiritual and practical matters.

The whole Sixth Form was extremely grateful that he gave up his time out of his busy schedule to come to speak to us.


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