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16 To Live By

We were delighted to welcome today Anna Colao from 16 To Live By.

Anna shares some of her thoughts:

After school refusing on and off for 5 years, I left school at 16 with only my GCSEs and a firm belief that the education system was not for alternative thinkers. During my time away from formal education I gained experience in charity work, community projects, fund raising, event organising, interfaith work and youth activities.

Whilst in Nepal I developed and ran a program to support street children during a time of civil unrest which included care for their day-to-day well-being, in terms of food and hygiene, as well as emotional support, mentoring and language tuition.

With a passion for new education models I returned to education at 23 and gained a first for my thesis research into the happiness and well-being of pupils in the14-19 citizenship curriculum. I have used Buddhist practice and meditation techniques for ten years and this, with my personal experience, has led me to creating a more holistic learning style. This in turn has brought me to developing alternative educational tools to combat ‘one size fits all’ education policies and curriculums.



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