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Falling awake!

Inception has been hailed as a cinematic sucker punch, but few know that the basic premise is based on fact. Becoming conscious within our dreams is called lucid dreaming, and according to the testimony of practitioners, these experiences can be extraordinarily vivid, intense, pleasurable and exhilarating. In fact, people regularly count their lucid dreams as among the most wonderful experiences of their lives.

The UK-based lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley, with special authorisation, now teaches the practice in the context of Tibetan Buddhism, which has a thousand-year history of applying lucid dreaming to spiritual practice.

“Through learning how to lucid dream we can learn not only how to wake up in our dreams but also how to wake up in our lives as we begin to integrate our dream practice into the path of both spiritual and psychological awakening,” says Morley.

Charlie has been a self taught lucid dreamer since the age of 17 and a practicing Buddhist for the past 7 years (after taking refuge in 2003 with Akong Rinpoche) but he only began been to teach lucid dreaming within the context of Tibetan Buddhism in late 2008, at the personal request of his mentor and well known meditation teacher Rob Nairn. Soon after accepting Rob’s request to teach, Charlie received the traditional Tibetan Buddhist “authorisation to teach” from Venerable Lama Yeshe Losal which apart from being a great honour to have received at 25 years old, was also a valuable seal of approval from such a highly regarded Lama. Since then he has run several lucid dreaming weekends and weekly courses at the Kagyu Samye Dzong London Buddhist centre, a 3 week tour of South Africa, a 3 city tour of Italy (confirmed for October 2010) and numerous UK teaching weekends as well as well as continuing work on a book about the subject which is being edited by Rob Nairn.

After cutting his teeth as a professional actor and scriptwriter in his early 20’s Charlie became founder and Creative Director of the performance collective and dance company called THROWDOWN who run creative workshops for “hard to reach” young people and regularly tour Europe showcasing everything from street poetry to breakdance! Charlie now splits his time between running THROWDOWN, writing his book on Lucid Dreaming and of course leading lucid dreaming workshops.

“I have done joint workshops with Charlie in London and consider him to be the most experienced and authentic practitioner of dream yoga teaching in Europe. He has been training since his teens and has developed both a practical and theoretical understanding of this subject, which I consider to be unique.” Rob Nairn


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