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University of Nottingham Careers Advisers’ Day

The Pro Vice Chancellor spoke about the Comprehensive Spending Review, significant cuts in teaching budgets, the Browne Review, tuition fee increases, new restrictions for the recruitment of international students and staff and increased expectations of service delivery. A positive approach – emphasising the University’s strong position:

  • Committed to delivering a high quality teaching and learning experience
  • Shanghai Campus a potential development
  • Working to improve the transparency of Bursary Scheme
  • Working now with local primary schools in recognition of benefit of early work
  • Targeting Academies (Partner for new Technology one)

The many presentations from the day are accessible on the University website and the Liaison Team emphasise their availability to visit schools for all sorts of occasions including Workshops on Reference Writing and 1:1/Group interviews at no charge.


  • 10:1 ratio of applications to places this season – but this disguises much higher success rate amongst those who are offered places
  • Deferrals have reduced
  • English Bacc not part of the requirement/offer
  • A* under consideration for offers in 2012
  • E mail being used on results day – easier for both parties
  • Recommend candidates enter the relevant university numbers on their mobile for speed dial on busy results day and ensure topped up
  • Interviews remain significant for vocational courses
  • University does not use ‘Parental Experience of HE’ in decision making
  • Adjustment period – 2 went & 4 came
  • University does not use Russell Group list of ‘soft’ subjects
  • Extended project does give competitive advantage
  • History & medicine do not like resits, but nursing view positively as commitment
  • Veterinary & medicine permit 1 repeat per unit per subject
  • Veterinary & medicine do not entertain subsequent application if interviewed
  • Veterinary & medicine would not accept double maths with only one other A level
  • Medicine score top 8 GCSE grades as one factor & economics sort by GCSEs but not a ‘decider’
  • Printed prospectus by definition may not be accurate in terms of grade requirements
  • Cannot bypass increased fees by starting at one university and transferring in year 2 (which would count as new admission)
  • Focus on reference is on subtleties and any negatives/absence of enthusiasm

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