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UCAS applications 2011: June update

To date, there have been almost 650,000 applications, a 1.4% rise compared to 2010. This rise in applications means that as many as a third of applicants are not expected to get a university place at all this year. David Willetts, the Universities Minister, has suggested that students without a university place consider alternatives, such as apprenticeships. Competition for popular apprenticeships can, however, be equally intense, with early application required for the more popular schemes/employers.

Statistics on the 2010/11 application cycle are available to download from:

Gender:   Female: 366,409    Male: 280,599

Some examples of increases in applications by subject area:

  • Medicine & dentistry: 96,440 (+ 3.5%)
  • Complementary medicine: 3,342 (+ 6.8%)
  • Law: 119,228 (+ 4.8%)
  • Business & administration studies: 317,963 (+ 6.2%)
  • Creative arts & design: 297,744 (+ 5.1%)

UCAS confirmation and clearing 2011

Details of confirmation and clearing 2011 are available on the UCAS website.

Adjustment period 18 – 31 August 2011

Information about the 2011 adjustment period is available from the same web address.

An applicant’s individual adjustment period starts when their conditional firm (CF) choice changes to unconditional firm (UF); their UF choice will be aware that they have

registered for adjustment.  From this point they have 5 calendar days to register and secure an alternative course, if they decide this is what they want to do. There are no adjustment vacancy lists, so applicants need to make direct contact with admissions offices at universities and colleges to discuss possible vacancies and their entry requirements.  Adjustment applicants are also advised to consider non-academic arrangements such as accommodation and student finance. If an applicant

  • is offered an alternative place and accepts it, they will be giving up their original confirmed place
  • does not find an alternative place before their adjustment period ends, they will remain accepted at their original university or college


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