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Proud Proud Proud

This Head of Sixth Form would like to say how proud he is of St James. Look at these results:

Justin 3A* 1 A

Tim 2A* 2A 2B (six A Levels!)

Shil 2A* 1 A

Harvinder 1A* 3A

Max 2A* 1A

Ryan 3A 2B

Aram 3A

Well done Gentlemen, I am so proud of you. There were also many other stunning results and I wish I could mention every achievement here. Congratulations to all of you.

A*A Rate 50%

A*AB Rate 75%

A*ABC Rate 92%

Pass Rate 100%

Here is a League Table to compare those results against.

To those who did get the grades you wanted, do not panic. I and my wonderful colleagues are here to support you in whatever way we can. We value all the great gifts you possess.


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