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Founders Day


With great pride we celebrate our Founders Day. Our school was founded by Mr Leon MacLaren.

Mr Leon Maclaren was a barrister and in 1937 he set up the School of Economic Science which primarily focussed on the teaching of economics. This was particularly relevant at the time as the school was started in the aftermath of the great international recession of the late 20s and early 30s.

In the 1950s, however, the school took a slightly different direction and philosophy courses were offered to the existing members. During the early 60s Mr Maclaren met the Sankaracarya and discussions between the leader of the School and the great sage in India became known as the ‘Conversations’ which now form much form much of the study material for current members. In 1975 Mr Maclaren was instrumental in setting up and founding St James and took a lively interest in the organisation up to 1994.

When he died his successor assumed the role of leader of the SES, having been appointed two years before. His successor is Mr Donald Lambie who is also a barrister.


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