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UK exodus to degrees taught in English abroad in 2012?

Publication of the QS World University Rankings and higher education fee rises in have prompted warnings of an exodus of UK students to degrees taught in English at overseas universities which charge much lower fees.

Degree courses in Europe will in general, cost far less than the £9k per year to be charged by many UK universities. Annual fee charges across European countries range from nothing to a couple of thousand euro (or currency-equivalent in non-Eurozone countries).

However, some countries, such as the Republic of Ireland, do not currently charge fees to UK/ EU students, but do levy a 2,000 euro student services charge. The Irish government is currently discussing the idea of introducing tuition fees.

Bargains can also be had further afield: Tokyo University, for example, charges around £3,700 fees per annum. However, the cost of flights, accommodation and food has also to be taken into account, when choosing to study outside the UK.

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